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Hardwood Flooring Orange County is known to exude elegance and glamor in a home. It does not matter where you apply the flooring, as it has a timeless look. It also provides one of the most durable floor surfaces among all the existing flooring types. Most traditional and country homes featured a wooden floor, making them appear elegant and pricey. While hardwoods are associated with the rich, you too can add value to your home by installing a wooden floor. However, you will certainly feel the initial costs of the wood planks, depending on the variety of the wood you are using. For example, teak will cost you more than other hardwoods such as birch, chestnut, and others in the same category.

If you decide to install Hardwood Flooring, there are certain things you need to consider. You will need the right tools, the materials and even the knowledge on how to install the planks. On the other hand, if you choose to hire professional installers, you must select a dependable provider.

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Below are some of the things you should do before the installation:

Is it in the dining room, living room or the study? Some people, who adore the look of wood, would want to take it to their kitchens and bathrooms. However, it might be challenging to have a wooden floor in the bathroom or the kitchen, but it will need you to apply a water-resistant finish. That is why it is required that you install the wooden flooring, some three inches above the ground to prevent moisture from reaching the wood.

The Hardwood Flooring materials come in planks, strips, and slats. Strips are the most common. The wood pieces may be sold unfinished or finished. It is important that you make a choice that will not disappoint you for long. For a more professional finish, you may consider hiring a contractor to do the installation.

Depending on whether you have bought strips, planks or slats, you will need a proper installation method for each of the variety. If you are installing planks or strips, on a wooden floor, use nails to fasten the hardwood flooring. You may also use staple down method, which works more or less like the nail down, just that it uses a staple gun.

Let's say you are doing a major refurbishment of your home. The best time to apply the wooden flooring is when the remodeling is finished. Activities such as plumbing and cementing involve water and they can put the Hardwood Flooring into jeopardy.

Before laying down your teak, oak or birch flooring, it is essential to prepare the surface. You need to raise the ground level with plywood and it must be treated and moisture-resistant.

Since wood is natural, it is likely to react to the atmosphere in your house, in particular, the level of humidity. The best time to install wooden floors is during fall and spring. When you are installing the Hardwood Flooring Orange County, the degree of humidity in your home should range between 45 to 65%.

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