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Carpet installation is something that really requires a professional to do right. When we do carpet installation we will stretch the carpet so that all of the wrinkles are removed. In order to stretch the carpet during installation we will bring all the required equipment.

In order to do carpet installation and have a great looking floor covering, we will need to start with a surface that is completely level. If you have a concrete floor that has high or low spots in it, we will need to fix the floor before installing the new carpet. Wood floors that are not level are harder to make level, but we need a level surface in order to have a great looking finish.

Before we install the carpet padding, we need to install tack strips around the room. To do this we will remove the baseboards and attach the tack strips to the existing wood, or concrete flooring. The tack strip will be used to hold the padding and the rug in positions.

Your padding that lies beneath the carpeting is very important. Padding will help to provide a layer of insulation to the room so your floor will be warmer in the winter, and your heating and cooling bills will be less. Padding comes in different sizes and different thicknesses. You are supposed to select your carpet and then select the recommended padding to go under it. The padding is what gives the carpeted floor a soft feeling when you walk on it.

Rolls of carpet come in different widths, but twelve foot wide rolls are the most common. If the room you are laying the carpet in is less than twelve feet wide we will simply lay the carpet on the floor and then cut the excess from the sides. If the room is larger than twelve feet wide we will need to connect two sections of carpeting together. Making these seams is quite difficult without prior experience and a seam iron. We will professional carpet installation for you.

We offer top quality carpet from brand names in the industry. Payless A to Z Home Improvement helps you with your carpet and flooring needs in Orange County, California. We are a carpet installation professionals firm in Orange County and we can install any types of carpet on any existing floor.